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How To Dress A Newborn In Summer UK?

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Dressing your newborn in summer can be a difficult task, as they are so small and delicate.

Dressing them properly is important to their health and well-being, but you don’t always have to dress them up too much. Here are some helpful tips on dressing your baby for the summer season!

What are the best clothes for a newborn in summer?

Summer can be brutal on newborns! They are so small and delicate–the hot sun feels like an open flame on their skin. How can you keep your newborn cool when temperatures rise into the 90s? Here are some suggestions:

Cotton Clothing – Many stores that sell baby clothes offer only 100 percent cotton clothing because it is easy to care for and breathes well.

It also absorbs perspiration efficiently so your baby won’t feel sticky and uncomfortable. When it comes to summer clothes, cotton is definitely the best choice for your newborn.

Loose-fitting Clothing – Tight clothing such as tights or jeans will trap perspiration close to your baby’s body.

This is not only uncomfortable but can lead to diaper rash and other problems with sensitive skin. Loose-fitting clothing allows air to circulate more freely so she feels cooler and more comfortable.

The Right Fabrics – Some fabrics–like fleece and cotton terry cloth towels–are too absorbent and hold in heat close to the body, which makes them especially dangerous on a newborn.

Instead of these kinds of fabrics, choose those that aren’t as heavy, like lightweight cottons.

Sun Hat – Though a traditional, broad-brimmed straw hat is best, a lightweight cotton cap with a wide brim is also acceptable.

Make sure it can cover your baby’s entire scalp and ears so the sun won’t shine directly on those sensitive areas as well as her face.

Sunglasses – Never forget to protect those precious baby blues from harmful rays!

Purchase sunglasses that slip over the ears for safety and protection. Your baby will enjoy the bright summer sunshine safely protected by whatever you choose to shield her eyes!

How to dress a newborn in summer UK?

It is not easy to dress a new born in the summer, because of their sensitive skin. Their soft and smooth skin does not need any extra burden of clothes.

If you want your child to enjoy his/her summer without getting him/her covered with complicated layers of clothing, then go for one piece outfits or rompers.

Also, choosing cotton fabric is the best idea for them as it is easily absorbed by their skin. Here are some tips about how to dress a newborn in summer:

  • Wrap up your baby snugly but ensure that there must be air circulation inside the wrappings.
  • Buy clothes made up of loose-fitting fabrics like cotton which is light weight and provides airflow around the body rather than clothing made up of synthetic materials like nylon.
  • Go for one piece outfits (rompers) which are very easy to take off and put on your baby.
  • You can buy online various dress patterns that you can easily sew at home.
  • Buy clothes that are sized large enough for your baby to wear after several months.
  • Go for the most comfortable outfits with multiple tee shirts, shorts or pants with just one top piece instead of something too elaborate that makes your baby uncomfortable.
  • If you buy clothes for summer, then it is better to buy cotton knit fabric because this fabric has the best absorbency and breathability factor.
  • In case you have chosen a dress that involves tying bows or using buttons etc. Do not forget to take your baby’s measurements before buying a new dress so that you can return the dress if it doesn’t fit.
  • The same rule goes with shoes because obviously shoes are not going to fit in after several months so be careful when choosing them. It is always advisable to go for soft leather soles so that your baby can feel comfy while walking or running around.

Tips for keeping your baby cool during the day

  • Keep your baby well hydrated.
  • A good general rule of thumb is to make sure that they are drinking 6-8 oz every 2 hours (especially if it’s hot outside, since they may get thirsty more quickly).
  • Dress them in loose cotton clothing (wear light colors; darker colors absorb heat).
  • If it seems like they don’t want to eat their lunch, put a wet washcloth on the back of their neck. Not only does this help keep them cool (and hopefully interested in eating), but also acts as a reminder for you that it’s time to break out the sunscreen!
  • Keep your child’s room as cool as possible.
  • If your baby gets overheated, try putting them in a bucket of cool water to help lower their body temperature.
  • Remember that some babies tend to get overheated even when it isn’t particularly hot outside.
  • Overheating can be a symptom of a medical condition, so if you notice this happening you should consult your pediatrician.

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When should I dress my baby in warmer clothes?

You may consider dressing your baby in warmer clothes once the temperature drops below 20°C. If you want to dress them lightly, remember that babies’ bodies do not generally release heat effectively and they can overheat easily. Your baby may:

-feel cold instead of cool when the weather is excessively warm;

-cry or fidget when they are too hot; or

-be sweaty when it’s a warm day with little humidity. So–when in doubt–dress your baby in lighter clothing!


To keep your baby cool during the day, dress them in thin clothes that are breathable.

Avoid using any thick fabrics (such as fleece) or clothing with plastic backing on it to help prevent overheating.

If you’re worried about your child sweating too much, take a look at their diet and ensure they’re getting enough fluids throughout the day.

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