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Top 9 Best Toys For 1 Yr Old Girl To Play Now

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Kids pass through phases as they grow. The whole world is new for them and need to pass through phases of physical skills – walking, talking or building skill for basic activities, initiating brain activities, and so on.

The toys for one-year-old need careful selection, as child begin to play with them differently.

They begin to understand blocks can be stacked together; something makes sound or emits colourful light when a button is pressed in right way or shapes can fit to assemble pictures.

Kids become increasingly powerful, confident as well as competent while the play.

Being extremely curious at this age, parents love watching kids learning with every passing day.

Simple but thoughtfully designed toys; evaluated for safety, easy to use and most important to make sure it’s fun playing with them, keep they engaged longer.

These are top 9 best toys for your 1 yr old girl child to start playing now.

9 Best Toys For 1 Yr Old Girl Reviews

  1. Plugo Tunes by PlayShifu
  2. CubicFun 5 in 1 Baby Musical Instruments
  3. ACTRINIC Baby Toy
  4. Wooden Noahs Ark Toy Playset
  5. TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Baby Toy
  6. Glamicorn Unicorn Interactive Purse Pet
  7. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Activity Cube Toys
  8. Dress Up America Pretend Play Princess Set
  9. TOP BRIGHT Cube Baby Toy
Plugo Tunes by PlayShifu

Your child may learn to play the piano, become acquainted with musical notes, and develop musical intelligence! Plugo Tunes is a beginner’s music learning kit; the piano only works with tablets and smartphones.
The toy set includes 1 piano, 3 melodic pops, 2 key-mapping stickers, 1 folding gamepad (with magnetic play area), and an instruction manual.
Allow your child to learn 50+ songs, including all of your favourite rhymes, jingles, and carols. It also has three complementing rhythms for each musical genre.
This toy helps to improve your motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, memory skills, and musical intelligence.

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CubicFun 5 in 1 Baby Musical Instruments

The children’s piano drum kit Toddler toys may be used as a toddler piano, drum set, electronic xylophone, with music and song mode, as well as a whack-a-mole feature.
It not only comes with many musical instruments, but it also has a variety of settings for toddlers to recognise numbers, colours, and animals.
Childhood musical experiences can speed up their brain growth, especially in language acquisition, reading abilities, and arithmetic learning.
It improves creativity and musical potential, and these baby toys entertain your children while also aiding in the development of their character and individuality.
It is simpler for children to play with the upgraded buttons that have a delicate touch.
The charming and bright button design entices your budding musician and encourages your child to play. It’s really fascinating how the drum lights up when you strike it.
The light is gentle, so it will not injure the baby’s eyes and will aid in visual development. The volume adjustment button allows you to reduce the volume of the song. A useful function for parents to safeguard their child’s hearing.
The piano has five modes, whereas the electronic xylophone has four. It can serve as an early educational toy for babies, assisting with animal, number, colour, and music cognition.
Parents might play different musical instruments with their children at the same time to strengthen family bonds. Toddler boy girl toys can help children develop their hand-eye coordination, grasping ability, and fine motor skills.
This non-toxic ABS toddler piano has polished smooth edges and is composed of non-toxic ABS. It is safe for children to play. Made of strong, shatterproof ABS to provide long-lasting performance even if your children chuck it.

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The toddler toy includes three different coloured balls, each of which spins with the music light cycle, as well as Cute Cat Design Trains with Rolling Wheels. Singing with entertaining tunes and realistic train noises will pique your baby’s interest and keep them moving.
The Music Light Mode allows your child to have fun and enjoy the music styles for 1-year-old boy/girl.
To ease operation, the universal wheel and power switch are independent sets. When the train hits an obstacle, it will turn around and play a pleasant music tune. This is a fantastic present for toddlers and kids learning to crawl.
Play with your baby toy; the train is a wonderful interactive toddler toy for parent-child conversation. Your baby will enjoy hours of fun chasing the balls while learning colours and counting.
Your child’s mind, cognitive skills, and creativity will all benefit from the music train toy. Simply enjoy your family time!
Rounded smooth edge design protects the baby’s hands from harm, constructed of good grade ABS plastic that is non-toxic and excellent for your child.

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Wooden Noahs Ark Toy Playset

When you open the wooden ark, you’ll see 14 wooden figures. Two-by-two rows of Noah’s Ark animals, with two wooden people accompanying the wooden ark with removable cover.
Our wooden toys for toddlers have been approved by teachers and are jam-packed with educational advantages. With the greatest wooden Montessori toys, it fosters imagination, discovery, and independence.
Engage your child’s imagination with educational toys for children aged one, two, and three.
Jaques wooden baby toys are constructed from high-quality, FSC-certified materials — family play designed with safety and longevity in mind.

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TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube Baby Toy

This 18-month-old boy and girl’s baby toy is filled with joy at every turn. This activity cube features five distinct sides of things to engage with, including a rainbow spinning gear, a rotating wheel, colour counting beads, and even a bubble to blow.
Pull the ball on the elephant’s trunk, and the colourful beads in the clear ball will fly.
This elephant exercise cube allows kids to practise various abilities on each side. The baby toy for a one-year-old boy or girl features a variety of activities to help children learn and keep them entertained.
And the colourful activity cube helps one-year-olds to discover enjoyment, exercise baby’s delicate hand motions, develop math enlightenment, and increase brain development.
Our toys for babies aged 18 months and older are designed to enhance baby’s abilities in the safest possible methods. It features a smooth edge, a round chamfer, and non-toxic water-based paint, making it suitable for 1-year-old girls and boys.
If you’re looking for a lovely and enjoyable present for a one-year-old, this elephant activity cube is a great option.
This ideal baby present allows a one-year-old to focus on the toy for an extended period of time and will also be a success at a birthday celebration. It is an excellent present for one-year-old boys and girls.

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Glamicorn Unicorn Interactive Purse Pet

The Glamicorn Purse Pet is the ideal pet and fashion item, with a glitter horn, iridescent patent leather, pink pebbled fake leather, an adjustable strap, and metal hardware.
Her pop-art-inspired eyes flicker a lot! She blinks and interacts with you while you’re on the move.
Purse Pets girls toys respond with noises and responses! Each Purse Pet makes adorable and snarky noises.
It’s more than a handbag, it’s more than a pet! If you ask your Purse Pet a yes or no question, she will react! Tap her head for camera and applause sounds while she plays music and rocks your runway style.

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TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Activity Cube Toys

This child activity cube has 5 games, including a wooden shape sorter for 1-year-old children and a bead labyrinth, that may strengthen and grow children’s hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, colour identification, and form recognition.
This ideal baby present allows a one-year-old to focus on the toy for an extended period of time and will also be a success at a birthday celebration. It is an excellent present for one-year-old boys and girls.
This wooden toy is intended for one-year-old baby boys and girls with tiny hands. You may go outside, such as playing on your own grass, and our durable and classic-designed baby activity cube gift for 1-year-old will hold up well without fading or splitting even throughout childhood.
Brightly coloured wood puzzle for children to play in a range of shapes and sizes, fantastic educational toys for enjoyable parent-child time.
Toy suitable for 1-year-old boys and girls. Natural and high-quality wood, non-toxic paint, no burrs, four corners with finely polished and rounded designs.

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Dress Up America Pretend Play Princess Set

A pink bag with an embroidered girl design, flowers, and butterflies is included in the kids purse toys set. It includes a toy play mobile, a vehicle remote, lipstick, and a credit card. This set is sure to please any young lady.
This adorable imitation leather tote with handles securely stores a variety of belongings.
This Dress-Up Essential is an ideal present for young girls and toddlers. When you push the rainbow buttons on the pink and blue toy phone, it blinks and makes a sound.
When you click the buttons on the kid toy battery-powered key remote, it blinks. The attached ring has three bright keys for toddlers to carry and play with.
All of the provided accessories are made of safe, nonhazardous materials. Makes excellent gift packages for pretend girls.
The bag is composed of a durable material that will endure a long time. This set’s charming and interesting elements will keep your toddler occupied for hours of fun and imaginative play.

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TOP BRIGHT Cube Baby Toy

The baby activity cube toys for 1-year-old boys and girls are full of opportunities for exploration and play. This baby activity cube has 5 activities, including a wooden shape sorter for 1 year olds and a bead maze.
When inverted, the top bead maze may be utilised individually and is easy to store. This multi-functional baby activity cube will captivate toddlers for hours as they spin from one side to the other.
The toys for 1-year-old boys and girls aid in your baby’s learning and development.
This child activity cube includes activities that introduce 1-year-olds to the world of bodily movement, natural observation, and logical mathematics.
The wooden activity cube’s superior craftsmanship and strong structure make it a top option for children of all ages, from babies to preschoolers.
The natural solid wood baby activity cube toys for 1-year-old boy and girl with multicoloured blocks were manufactured from polished edges and non-toxic water-based paint.
If you’re seeking for toys for 1-year-old boys and girls, don’t overlook this infant activity cube toy, which may not only entertain children but also comfort parents.

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How to choose the right toy for your child?

At this age, your baby is fascinated by cause and effect and will enjoy any toy that responds to his actions and makes use of newly acquired motor skills.

Play is so important in the social, mental, physical, and emotional development of children. Hence, Toys are more than just playthings, though, and while they should be fun, they should also be age-appropriate, stimulating, and safe.

When a toy is too specific, it denies the child the ability to use her imagination and thus limits own imagination & the growth. For example, dolls and stuffed animals that talk or sing or direct kids to press certain buttons essentially take charge of the play situation when the child should be the one directing the action

The best toys are often the simplest ones — like blocks — because they allow children to be creative and spontaneous.

Toys that have constant changes, movement and flashing lights don’t require a child to pay attention to any one thing for very long.

Electronics can also affect a child’s attention span. Unfortunately, this often has the opposite effect for the child. The more a toy does, the less your child has to do. Frequent use of these toys frequently leads to difficulty in focusing like on a book or non-moving toy.

Toy that doesn’t require a child to do anything but to just watch can interfere with learning to think independently and thus promote a passive learning style.

Choose toys that are “open-ended” in the sense that your child can play many different games with them. 

We all have had the experience of buying a toy that our child plays with for two days and never touches again. Look for toys that can be fun at different developmental stages. 

Books, magnetic alphabet letters, and art supplies like markers, crayons, and finger-paints help your child develop early writing and reading skills.

Which toys can help your child learn and grow?

Solid blocks in varying shapes and colours are ideal for building imagination and problem-solving skills. IT helps in understanding gravity principle.

Younger children can work on their skills by pushing the beads from one side of the abacus to the other, while as they grow will enjoy counting the beads strung on the metal.

Clapping and singing is important part of childcare and encourages social development skills. 

Toys that make noise — like a drum, xylophone, or toy piano are also a hit at this age.

It’s never too early for set of cube blocks to dump them out of a basket or bucket; pick them and drop them back in it. 

Toys that need pushing or pulling – like a Buggy, truck improves muscle strength and make the child confident walker.

Babies the come with removable sack dresses are perfect for understanding caring with mix-and-match fun.


Babies brains develop quickly, something like a million neural connections per second.

The key to pleasing this age, is in finding toys that will stimulate and surprise their growing minds.

We recommend our above mentioned toys for your child to stretch the imagination and build patience. These toys are simple and safe to allow your child to use their imagination and perform actions to make their future bright and secure.


What is the best gift for 1-year baby girl?

Plugo Tunes by PlayShifu Toy is the best gift for your 1-year-old child

What do 1-year-old girls like to play?

The toys that can help them learn as well as have fun are best for 1-year-old girls.

What toys are good for 1-year-old child?

The toys that improves cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, etc are good for 1-year-old children.

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