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9 New & Best Baby Floor Mat UK For Your Child

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Happy babies love to play and have fun in their childhood. Sometimes they need toys to entertain themselves or simply a learning activity to develop cognitive and thinking skills.

In this article, we have shown top 9 best baby floor mat in UK market to help your child to have some fun and learn some stuff.

9 Best Baby Floor Mat UK Reviews

  1. KIDOOLA Play Mat
  2. MiniDream Baby Musical Jumbo Playmat
  3. Baby Play Mat Folding XPE Playmat
  4. Baby Einstein, 4-in-1 Kickin’ play mat
  5. RenFox Piano Mat
  6. SIMPVALE Baby Crawling Thickening Mat
  7. m zimoon Piano Mat
  8. Winthome Highchair Splash Mat
  9. VATOS Tummy Time Water Mat

Kidoola Large Baby Mat was created to be foldable, reversible, and waterproof, ensuring that it not only meets and covers the ground to keep your baby safe, but also to be simple to set up and take down.
The mat is composed of high-density polyester and has a beautiful quality. The mat is made of a non-toxic foam material that is both house and baby-friendly.
We made sure that the foam mat was built to last, so that your infant and, of course, adults who wish to play with the kids on the mat are safe. This is a reversible mat with dimensions of 179.5 x 199.5 cm, ensuring that your baby has adequate space to play on.
Because it is a waterproof baby playing mat, it is easy to clean. To clean the mat, just dampen a towel and gently wipe the surface that needs to be cleaned.
We utilized materials that would make our mat water-proof, making any inadvertent spills easier to clean up.
The mat features a fascinating reversible feature that allows youngsters to play automobiles while learning about the streets on one side and numbers on the other. Because it’s reversible, you’ll have an easier time storing it and bringing it with you when you travel
It has height measurement scale. Simply lay your tiny ones down and take measurements so you can keep track for years. It is Soft and cosy on a carpet or a chilly hard surface.

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MiniDream Baby Musical Jumbo Playmat

The baby play gym is comprised of soft velvety padded materials because main concern is to keep the infant safe and comfortable. After numerous usage, the mat keeps its plushness and form.
3 Detachable Hanging Toys that can be hung from a car seat, a buggie, a pushchair, or a stroller. It is made of baby-safe Textured fabric with activity toys, rattles, and music, as well as a mirror. Play peekaboo and develop self-awareness and discovery with this safe circular mirror with smooth edges.
A wind-up music box in the play gym plays Brahms’ Lullaby. As a consequence, batteries are no longer required.
In terms of colour and style, some play gyms might be excessively busy. This baby play gym is attractively designed to blend in with your home’s decor.

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Baby Play Mat Folding XPE Playmat

The play mat is large and light, and it folds up quickly and conveniently into a container. The expanded size is 147x197x1cm. The foam on this baby foldable play mat is exceptionally big.
This baby folding mat is convenient to travel with and take out, having folded dimensions of 75x 42 x 12.5cm
The surface of the Gupamiga extra big foam play mat is waterproof, so it can be cleaned with a gentle wet cloth regardless of food residue, milk stains, or pee
The crawling mat for babies All you’ll need is a damp towel and some sanitizer.
The thickness is 0.4 inches and the weight is quite low. It is better ideal for usage on the go.
Creamy-white, rather than pure white, is more stain-resistant.
The mat has large usage space, ideal for picnics, camping, and other activities.

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Baby Einstein, 4-in-1 Kickin’ play mat

The Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Kickin’ Tunes gym has four settings to keep your baby entertained: lying, sitting, tummy time, and take-along. The accompanying piano toy also grows with your baby.
It Includes 7 detachable toys: crinkle medallion, triangle rattle, BPA-free textured music note, flash cards, self-discovery mirror, piano toy, and tummy time pillow and also 70+ sounds and activities and 25+ minutes of music for endless entertainment.
The piano toy has two play modes, Free Play piano mode and Melody mode. It teaches phrases in four languages English, Spanish, French, and German and it can be taken anywhere.
1 prop cushion is included for extra tummy time support. The mat is machine washable (just remove the toy bar, piano and piano legs, and toys before washing); and all toys are easy to wipe clean.
It is Unisex baby gym suitable for children aged 0 to 36 months, constructed measurements 34.0×27.0x18.0″; 3 AA batteries required (not included).

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RenFox Piano Mat

This musical mat is wonderful. The dancing mat serves as both a toy and an instructional tool. The Floor Playmat may encourage children’s musical abilities, as well as their hands-on ability and inventiveness, and youngsters will often surprise us while playing.
This musical mat toy is a great musical present for children. This melodic carpet with a piano pad is suitable for all youngsters. It also encourages children’s growth by using music, noises, attractive colours, and soothing tunes. It’s also a great present for sons, daughters, toddlers, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and granddaughters. Kids will love these musical toys.
The piano music mat is constructed of a tasteless and non-toxic non-woven fabric. High-quality textiles are gentle on children’s feet and simple to clean. Colorful piano mat with adorable motifs that appeal to children.
The dynamic rhythm of joy songs may encourage children’s excitement and curiosity, and the piano play mat can play multiple tunes. On the music playmat, children may lie or crawl. Kids may thoroughly exercise their limbs and waist while dancing on the music mat, as well as enhance their hand-feet coordination.
The piano pad has 8 different simulated animal noises, such as cats, birds, dogs, cows, ducks, sheep, horses, and chicks, as well as 9 keys with musical tones, to encourage children’s interest in music while they play.
On this playmat, kids may play, dance, or lay. The music mat has a large size that allows children to share and play together.
This music mat is foldable and portable, allowing you to enjoy electronic music with your children both outside and indoors.

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SIMPVALE Baby Crawling Thickening Mat

Simpvale Alphabet Numbers Animals Design Thick Foam Mat Play Mat Toy for Babies and Toddlers. Its size is 180 x 120 x 0.5 cm.
It is designed for newborns and developing children.
For families with little children, this baby play mat provides a clean and safe floor surface.
Children and babies may comfortably play on the floor while being stimulated by brilliant colours, characters, and educational components like as alphabet, fruits, and numbers.
This play mat is a must-have for your baby’s and toddler’s healthy growth and development.
It has the ability to keep warm. It is a nice spot for your infant to play in the winter.
It is completely non-toxic and odourless. It’s simple to clean.
On all floors, it’s ideal for noise and impact reduction, as well as good insulation.
Simply place it in rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, or any other location for hours of entertainment.

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m zimoon Piano Mat

The m zimoon piano mat is foldable and simple to transport, conserving space. It can be placed on any flat surface and used with your children to enjoy electronic music in the outdoors or inside. Tasteless and non-toxic foldable kids music mat made of high-quality non-woven cotton. The piano mat’s smooth surface will not irritate the baby’s delicate skin.
A piano mat with vibrant colours can assist children in learning numbers, animals, and colours. Children may produce fun and exciting music by playing the piano with their hands and feet at the same time while dancing to the beat.
This kids music mat has 17 piano function keys (16 piano keys, 1 switch button key), 8 various animal noises and pronunciations, as well as a built-in speaker and adjustable volume to satisfy the needs of children.
Kids may discover different tempos and rhythms by stepping on the different keys on this musical keyboard mat.
The dimension of this kid music mat is 135 * 58 cm (53″ x 23″), and it is collapsible and simple to transport when not in use, as well as removable and easy to clean (please take off electronic components before washing). The music mat simply need three AA batteries (not included) to operate.
For toddlers boys and girls, the piano mat is the greatest Christmas, birthday, visiting, or other holiday present.

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Winthome Highchair Splash Mat

No more splashing across the floor while you feed your child. Allow your child to eat and play freely. Splat mat helps you save time.
Allow yourself a break from cleaning by quickly wiping away any crumbs that may have fallen from the ceiling.
As it is waterproof and anti-slip, allow him to freely play with liquids. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s cooking, painting, or tossing milk, 110 × 110 cm is broad enough to protect your floor.
Enjoy your child instead of cleaning stains off the floor; the washing machine will take care of the rest.

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VATOS Tummy Time Water Mat

VATOS pad play mat is composed of BPA-free PVC that has been rigorously tested and proven to be comfortable, soft, inflating, leak-proof, and long-lasting.
The smooth, comfy water pad is an excellent sensory toy for strengthening the head, neck, and shoulder muscles, as well as fine motor, social, and hand-eye coordination.
Simply fill the core play mat of the infant inflatable pad with water, place it on the floor, and enjoy! When empty, it folds up easily into your handbag or toy bag for easy transport.
From 3 months onwards, this toy is suitable for children. The eye-catching, brightly coloured artwork will keep your youngster occupied for hours. Indoor and outdoor tummy time play activities with this educational toy.
This baby splash pad will give hours of entertaining and nutritious fun for your little one.

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What is baby floor mat?

There is a baby safety mat that will prevent your infant from crawling out of the crib.

These mats come with a mesh center and they are designed to work more like a net so you can keep your child safe from falling while still giving him enough space to move about.

Cribs have been designed in such a way that babies cannot get out on their own, however you do not want them to be too restricted either.

There needs to be some sort of allowance for movement, but you also need to ensure that your baby is safe.

If he starts trying to climb the bars on his crib then these safety mats will help ensure he does not get out of the crib unless you know it. You can attach them easily at any point of your baby crib and they will keep the mat firmly in place.

5 Factors to look for before buying the best floor mat in UK

1. The material

The first thing to look for in a customized floor mat is the material, depending on what you want the mat to be used for and who will be using it.

For instance, a floor mat meant solely for use by children would need a special kind of materials so as not to cause damage due to excessive wear or tear from rough play.

This type of floor mat would have to be made from rubber or plastic rather than being woven from materials such as cotton which would get easily damaged with all that jumping and running around!

Rubber also comes in many grades but the best rubber mats are usually made from 100% recycled rubbers while some cheaper rubbers contain toxins like mercury and zinc! So check your product specifications before buying a rubber floor mat.

2. The PVC free factor

This is an essential for those of us looking to get rid of plastic from our homes. PVC or polyvinyl chloride contains many toxic chemicals which are known carcinogens and can cause damage to your kidneys, central nervous system, liver and heart among other organs among children if they come in contact with the material directly!

So it’s best to avoid products containing PVC when you can.

3. Trendiness

This is one thing that children’s personalized floor mats have in common with adult rugs but unlike adult rugs there are so many designs out there in the market for kids’ mats that it gets difficult to choose sometimes!

There are even 3D mats where each mat is a different picture when looked at from different angles. So think of how your child wants the room to look and buy something trendy and fun for their space!

4. The size

It is always better to measure the floor space you want to cover with your new personalized mat before buying it rather than buying one that just fits into the space, not letting any extra space on either side!

This way you will be sure to get an exact fit no matter what the design is.

You can also go in for custom mats where you can choose not only the size but also the design and material as well so this way you don’t have to compromise on any of these three things depending on how big or small your floor area is!

5. The price

It’s good to have an idea of the amount you are willing to spend on your personalized floor mat before checking out various websites or stores in order to get the best value for money when it comes to buying these mats.

There is no point saving money when it comes to getting a customized rug when little ones would be playing on the mat!

The best way is to buy products which are safe, pure and not harmful in any way but also provide value for your money.


It is essential that the floor mat you select for your child offers safety, quality and comfort.

Luckily, there are many options on the market to choose from! We hope this article has helped you narrow down which baby floor mat best suits your needs.

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